Celebrating our AMRAP 4 Autism

I’m so proud of CrossFit Dwell! We have amazing people who come together to work hard. We see this every day during our classes. Athletes support and encourage each other in the toughest of moments. When one of us doesn’t think we can do one more rep, others are there to cheer us on and tell us that yes, we can. 

This weekend, I was reminded that CrossFit Dwell is also one of the most generous communities I know! We came together in a beautiful way to support two fantastic organizations and, through that, many families who are raising children with autism will be blessed. We completed our second fundraising event: AMRAP 4 Autism!

AMRAP 4 Autism is a global CrossFit event created by the Autism Strong Foundation. It is intended to raise funds for autism research and support. The event  began with one family’s desire to share their story about their son, Landon, and the day-to-day struggles of raising a child with severe non-verbal Autism. Our members and guests of all athletic levels completed the 32-minute partner AMRAP to support a cause we care about deeply. The overwhelming positive response and the outpouring of generosity truly made my heart dance. 

Several families within our own gym community are on the journey of raising children affected by autism. We see parents and families who have challenges that often seem impossible to overcome. Even if we are not living with a child who is autistic, we are impacted by it because 1 in 36 children in the United States are or will be diagnosed with autism. It is a huge part of our world. This workout and the fundraiser that went along with it were a small way for us to say that we see and that we care about this. 

As the workout ended, we felt proud of what we achieved. AMRAP 4 Autism was a tough workout, but it brought us closer as a community and showed our commitment to making a difference. There were over 30 athletes who completed the workout and, we also raised over $2700! That is huge considering we are a small gym. The two organizations it will be divided between, The Autism Strong Foundation and McKenna Farms Therapy Services, are dedicated to providing quality services and care, building hope, and supporting families. We are excited that the funds CrossFit Dwell raised will be used to bless families near and far.