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CrossFit Group Classes

Our CrossFit classes are designed to provide a fun, dynamic, and challenging workout to get you in and out the door in 60 minutes. Each minute of every class is planned by our coaches to give you the best workout for YOU! Our classes include a warm up, mobility, the workout of the day, a cool down, and end with high fives all around. You will gain strength, stamina, flexibility, and confidence all while being supported by our coaching staff who will encourage, guide, and support you all the way.


On Ramp

On Ramp consists of 3 private or semi-private sessions that give you the foundation for our group CrossFit classes. These sessions are intended to build confidence and teach proper mechanics for the movements frequently used in CrossFit. Upon completion, members will then be able to join our group classes or continue private sessions depending on personal fitness goals.


Private Training

Private training may be right for you if you are looking for extra accountability, encouragement, and scheduling flexibility. We offer private and semi-private sessions, tailored to your specific fitness goals. We also offer 1 on 1 training sessions utilizing the daily group programming, as well as movement review sessions for those looking to spend some time refining certain skills outside of regular classes.


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