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Natalie Polutta owner of CrossFit Dwell

Natalie Polutta


From my earliest memories, I have been involved in fitness. My mother did aerobic dance, and I would “participate” on the sidelines. I started taking that class as a young teen, and started teaching classes at 15. My fitness journey was consistent throughout my adult years. The benefits of working out are some of my greatest joys. Even with my fitness history, I was nervous about participating at the local CrossFit gym. Despite my concerns that I wouldn’t be able to do the workouts, I gave it a shot. Ultimately, I fell in love with the classes, and I was so excited to gain strength. I also was blessed by the community and encouragement I found at the gym. This kind of experience is a gift for every type of person. Finally, I love that we can help anyone achieve fitness at their own level through modifications and scaling of individual movements. I earned my CF-L1 Certification as well as a Group Fitness Instructor Certification through ACE Fitness. It is a passion of mine to help people in the Kennesaw and Acworth areas succeed in their fitness goals and, as an owner of CrossFit Dwell, I would love to help you!

Lauren Rottier coach at CrossFit Dwell

Lauren Rottier

Owner/Head Coach

Growing up, I was the most unathletic person you could find. I avoided anything to do with competition or physical exertion, and my diet consisted of a variety of processed foods and sodas. My dad discovered CrossFit in 2007, and, with his encouragement, I tried a few workouts by myself. While I liked the feeling of accomplishment it brought, my training was sporadic at best. In 2015, I decided it was time to take my fitness more seriously. I received my CrossFit Level 1 certification and joined a local gym all in the same month. I fell in love with the community and methodology, and I realized a passion for helping others reach their goals, both through increasing physical fitness and strength, and by building resilience through mindset. Since then, I have become a CrossFit Level 2 trainer, and I have worked with a wide variety of clients in Kennesaw to help them define their goals and then take the steps to reach them. My goal as owner and coach is to improve lives through effective coaching and encouragement, no matter what stage of fitness an athlete is in currently. I believe in this program and have seen the positive changes it has brought to people’s lives. The work is worth it, and you’ll have our amazing community backing you the entire way.

Tiffany Hicks coach at CrossFit Dwell

Tiffany Hicks


I have always found contentment in a mix of exercise. From high school swimming to my first Buns of Steel video to running my first marathon, as well as many years of ALTA and USTA tennis. As I got older, I desired to see real and measurable changes in my body and my performance. That is when I found CrossFit. After seeing amazing changes in the way I looked and felt from the instruction and training I was receiving from the coaches here, I knew I wanted to help others work towards their goals. I would say I fell in love with the programming and methodology of functional training. I have earned my CF-L2 Certification as well as my Precision Nutrition Level-1 Certification. I’m looking forward to helping you with your nutrition to complement your fitness goals! I truly love showing anyone & everyone that even if they think they can’t, they actually can.

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