A Peek Inside a CrossFit Dwell Class

Have you ever wondered what a typical class at a CrossFit box may look like? Does it seem intimidating to walk into a session for the first time? Let me shed a little light on what it looks like for our classes at CrossFit Dwell to ease any apprehension. Our hour is purposefully divided into nine segments, each serving a distinct purpose:

Brief: We gather at the chalkboard and go over any necessary announcements. Then we briefly go over what the workout of the day will be, what our focus will be, and then we discuss and demonstrate the general warm-up.

General Warm-Up: Our athletes are led in movements that get the heart rate slightly elevated, the muscles moving, and our minds ready to go. 

Mobility: This is a short time of extra focus on getting our joints and muscles moving through their full range of motion. It allows us to move more freely as we twist, bend, and stretch. 

Teaching: Our coaches teach the specific details of the workout of the day during this time. They demonstrate movements and go over specific points of performance that are needed to achieve the movement safely and efficiently. They discuss potential modifications that could be used if needed. The purpose of the structure of the workout is discussed as well. For example, in some workouts we are trying to build to a heavy weight and in some we are trying to accumulate as many reps as possible. This time helps inform our athletes what they need to target during this time. It is also a great opportunity for athletes to ask questions for clarification.

Specific Warm-Up: During this segment, we have our athletes practice the movements that will be in the workout, allowing our athletes the time to activate the muscles that will be used. Our coaches will also use this time to observe athletes and make corrections to help them do the workout correctly and safely. 

Prep Time: Our athletes are given the time to build up to the weights and scales they will use during the workout. They also have the time to use the restroom, get a way to track reps or rounds, and generally get their minds ready for the workout.

Workout: After all this, it is time to do the workout! Yay! If it is a timed workout, the timer countdown begins. It is when our athletes give their best effort to accomplish the goals of the workout. Although we have already done quite a bit of work throughout the other segments, this is the chance to shift gears and bring up the intensity. It may be a longer effort of 30 minutes or it may be a short 3 minute effort, but it is where our overall goal of general physical preparedness is achieved. 

Stretch/Cool Down: After the workout is the perfect time to do static stretches. We hold these positions longer because our muscles are warm. It is a time to bring the heart rate back down, and it is the time to chat with our clients. We love to have a question of the day to discuss with our classes during this time. It is a fun way to connect and build community after we have worked hard together.

Clean Up: Our athletes wipe down and put away the equipment they used so the gym is ready for the next class. Fun conversations continue as we high-five and congratulate each other for a job well done. 

Every minute of our hour is planned and has a purpose. It is so simple for our athletes to get their workout in because all the planning is done! We value the time our clients choose to spend with us, and we feel it is important to help them achieve their best fitness in the most efficient and effective way.