Setting Realistic Holiday Fitness Goals: Thrive, Don’t Just Survive

What does it look like to achieve balance during the holidays between the whirlwind of festivities and our commitment to health? It can be easy to get caught up in the idea that workouts, nutrition, and health must be “all or nothing” to be effective. Many good habits have been thrown to the side during the holiday season, only making the return to healthy habits much more difficult after the season passes. 

At CrossFit Dwell, we help each member focus on sustainable progress that allows them to thrive and enjoy the season, rather than striving for perfection that leads to stress and disappointment. Setting realistic fitness goals during the holidays is not only possible but essential for maintaining our overall well-being. 

Here are some key points to guide you in setting achievable fitness goals that will keep you on track without compromising the joy of the holiday season.

First, focus on consistency, not perfection. Consistent exercise and nutrition habits, such as 3-4 workouts a week and prioritizing protein each meal, create a strong foundation of health. This allows flexibility to enjoy special moments while staying committed to your long term health.

Next, we recommend you prioritize physical activities you genuinely enjoy. We are much more likely to stick with something, even when we are busy, if we look forward to it! For some, it’s getting to the gym and getting a great workout with friends. For others, brisk hikes at Kennesaw Mountain, a bike ride, or winter sports work best for them. Whatever your choice, these activities can help you stay moving in ways that bring you joy during the holiday season.

Finally, give yourself grace. The holidays are a busy time! Be kind to yourself and embrace flexibility in your fitness routine. Occasional deviations are a natural part of the holiday experience, and don’t have to derail the progress you’ve worked for. Set realistic expectations and give yourself grace when needed, ensuring that you maintain a positive relationship with your health and wellness journey.

You can thrive and enjoy the season without sacrificing your health and mental well-being. Let this be a time of balance between your fitness journey and merriment, with realistic goals and a commitment to yourself that extends far beyond the holiday season.