Why CFD Participates in the CrossFit Open

CrossFit Open season is almost here! Are you excited? Nervous? Ambivalent? Unsure what it even is and who it is for? Since we have lots of team members who have joined us since last winter, we want to share a little about the Open and what it means for CrossFit Dwell.

The CrossFit Open is a three-week international competition where everyone – regardless of fitness level or ability – can compete. Each Thursday, starting February 29, a new workout will be announced by CrossFit headquarters. Athletes around the world have until the following Monday to complete the workout and submit their scores to CrossFit. 

To make this season EXTRA fun, CrossFit Dwell hosts Friday Night Lights for our team. It is exciting to come do it together on Friday evenings. Heats will be scheduled throughout each Friday evening and every team member can participate at their current fitness level.

Does this sound a bit overwhelming? We promise, as someone who is doing CrossFit already, you are prepared! You have been doing the workouts at CrossFit Dwell, and the workouts in the Open are just CrossFit workouts.

Participation in the CrossFit Open and CrossFit Dwell’s Friday Night Lights offer several benefits:

  • Community Building: Friday Night Lights provides a time for everyone at CFD to come together, support each other, and build a sense of community. The shared experience of participating in the Open and Friday Night Lights is great for building strong bonds of friendship among our team.
  • Friendly Competition: The CrossFit Open is a worldwide competition, and participating in Friday Night Lights adds a local and friendly competitive element. This can be motivating for pushing our limits, setting personal goals, and celebrating achievements together.
  • Benchmarking Progress: The Open workouts serve as a benchmark for measuring fitness progress. By participating, you can track your performance over the years, identify strengths and weaknesses, and set new goals for improvement.
  • Fun and Excitement: Friday Night Lights events are filled with energy, excitement, and a festive atmosphere. The sense of camaraderie and the thrill of competing can make the experience enjoyable and memorable for everyone involved.
  • Motivation and Accountability: Knowing that the Open is approaching can serve as a motivator for you to stay consistent with attending classes. The anticipation of competing alongside fellow gym members can provide an extra layer of accountability.
  • Inclusivity: The CrossFit Open is designed to be inclusive The workouts are scalable to different skill levels. This allows ALL of us, regardless of fitness level, to participate and contribute to the community spirit.
  • Celebrating Achievements: Completing the Open workouts and participating in Friday Night Lights events give us the opportunity to celebrate achievements, whether it’s achieving a personal best, overcoming a challenge, or simply completing the workouts.
  • Growth Mindset: The Open and Friday Night Lights encourages a growth mindset by challenging individuals to step out of our comfort zones and to take on new challenges. This mindset can extend beyond the competition and positively impact every aspect of your life

The CrossFit Open and Friday Night Lights offer you a chance to build stronger friendships, engage in friendly competition, track your progress, have fun, stay motivated, and celebrate your fitness journey with the whole CFD team. Can’t wait to cheer you on!