Ready. Set. Go.

When the timer starts, our athletes are ready. They may be doing a workout to see how long it takes them, or they may have a set amount of time in which they are working.

What are the benefits of using a clock for a workout? The clock allows us to focus on pace.

Some workouts are shorter, and we want to push the pace to accomplish as much work as possible in that short amount of time. Some workouts are longer, and we aim to maintain a steady pace over that longer period of time.

The shorter workouts are great for burning fat, building endurance and stamina, and increasing strength. Intensity is key in these. Push it hard for short periods of time!

The longer workouts have their place, too. They increase our cardiovascular function and they decrease body fat. The danger here is that muscle can be lost in the process if this is the only type of workout we do.

CrossFit seeks to establish a high-level of fitness across different time domains and types of workouts. While we may do more shorter workouts across a given week, we incorporate the longer workouts, too.

No matter what the length our workout of the day is, we want our athletes to do what the clock does and keep going!