Our Bottom Line

The bottom line is this: We care about our community’s health.

We care that obesity is on the rise along with the ravages of disease that come with it. We care that cardiovascular disease is taking the lives of too many. We care that diabetes is being diagnosed more frequently and how it affects every aspect of a person’s life. We care that sedentary lifestyles in the early years leads to functional problems in the later years. We care that lifespans are shrinking for the first time in generations.

We want to help foster wellness!

What do we offer to help our community achieve better health?

Group classes, personal training, and nutrition coaching. Fun, encouragement, and education. Hope, structure, and a safe space. We offer a place to, as our friend Christina put it, get your health back. She followed that by saying: “This gym has a warm and welcoming community AND people who are truly cheering you on!!!!!!!”

We know first hand how the workouts we do here have changed lives. Our goal here is to enrich and improve the lives of 1,000 people in Kennesaw, Marietta, and Acworth.

We don’t have to bring every person who lives in this area to fitness and health to succeed. However, we know that by improving the lives of 1,000 members in our community we will improve the lives of those they know and love. Maybe our members will ask their friends to go for a walk. Or maybe they will be an example of healthy nutrition at work when they bring a salad that is packed with protein and veggies instead of eating at the local fast food joint.

We can change one life at a time.

People who exercise and eat healthy foods will be younger for longer. And while you’re young, you’ll do more things.

You’ll play more soccer. You will hike with your family. You will play with your kids and grandkids. You will dance or bike or swim or run because you CAN! Your mindset will improve. You will fight depression and anxiety. You will enjoy community.

CrossFit Dwell exists to provide our members with a fun, safe, and motivating environment to achieve better health and wellness in a well rounded manner.

Our goal is to improve the lives of 1,000 people in Kennesaw, Marietta, and Acworth.

What is yours?