One Thing That Makes the Difference in Improving Health

When I started going to a new chiropractor some years ago, I was given an educational pamphlet to read before each visit. One pamphlet I received was titled: “Commitment makes chiropractic families the healthiest in the world.” Their promise to their clients was: If you are committed to your health, we are totally committed to you. We will do whatever it takes.

It is all about commitment.

The pamphlet went on to define that when someone is merely interested in improving their health, they tend to give up during tough or inconvenient times. People who are interested tend to look for short-term answers to long-term problems.

However, when a person is committed to their health, they accept no excuses, only results. Commitment takes character, courage, and perseverance. A committed person realizes they are in for the long haul and will do whatever is needed to succeed.

The author suggested that by committing to your health, you are supporting the development of God-given life as well as helping to prevent the development of severe illness, symptoms, and disease. Both of these lead to a higher quality of life.

The pamphlet also pointed out that we often don’t know how truly bad our health has gotten. To think: “If I have no symptoms of a disease then I do not have a disease” is one of the most dangerous errors in judgment we can make concerning our health. The truth is, as this brochure pointed out, that health and life slip away slowly and quietly. By the time symptoms of poor health appear, most likely you have not had normal function or healing for many years.

Now, obviously, this pamphlet was about continuing the chiropractic care that is offered at this clinic. But it is also true in regards to our nutrition and our fitness.

We talk with many people who are interested in getting more fit, being healthier and stronger, and taking better care of themselves. We want to do everything in our power to help them achieve these outcomes. However, it takes commitment on our clients’ part. Once they decide to make the commitment, we can support their efforts through our personal training, group classes, and nutrition coaching.

As CrossFit Dwell owners, Lauren and I are passionate about nutrition and fitness. We are committed to helping as many committed people as possible!


We are only given one life on this earth. Our bodies are ours to take care of. While there are some things we can’t control, there are others that we can. What can we control? The food we choose to eat and the exercise we choose to do are two factors we can control.

However, it takes commitment…not merely an interest…to take care of our bodies.

Our purpose is to help busy people be the healthiest they can be. We can’t make a commitment for you, but if you are committed to improving your health, we do offer solutions that may be just what you are looking for.

Don’t just take an interest in your health.

Make a commitment to pursue good health!

It will be a blessing to your family and your friends…and yourself.