Get Strong and Fearless

Fitness depends on strength.

Strength requires more than lip service: pumping a 12 pound bar up and down a thousand times won’t make you strong. Most fitness “classes” for women have no value. That’s a strong statement, but we are making it from a gym full of strong women.

A woman who can lift 200lbs from the floor feels empowered and strong.They feel they can conquer many other challenges.

The only reason women don’t lift weights the same way as men is fear.

They’re scared of “gaining muscle,” getting bulky, and appearing “big.” But we’ve shown, through research and years of practice, that it’s simply not true.

The fear is misplaced.

Do you see?

Strength is a choice. Choice is the antithesis of fear.

Get strong and fearless with the barbell as a tool.

Inspired by Catalyst Gym