Embracing the Open: A Gym Owner’s Perspective

Excitement! Encouragement! Inspiration! Fun! Those are just a few words that describe the Open for me.

For months, Lauren and I eagerly anticipated the Open of 2024, marking it on our calendars since the 2023 edition. In the buildup, we consistently reassured our athletes of their capabilities. We told them they were strong enough for whatever workouts were to come. Throughout the year, Lauren, co-owner of our affiliate, programmed previous Open workouts to bolster our athletes’ confidence. Our belief was simple: if they could tackle these challenges outside of the Open season, they could certainly conquer them DURING the season.

And conquer them they did! With determination and resilience, they pushed past mental and physical barriers, surprising even themselves with their performance. Regardless of their skill level—novice, intermediate, or advanced—success was earned. New insights were gained. Even some new personal records were set.

What I enjoy most about the Open is its power to unite our CrossFit Dwell community. Every Friday evening, our gym comes alive with a vibrant energy as members of all ages and abilities gather for heats. Young and old, novice and advanced, they come together to not only do the workouts but also to judge, cheer, encourage, and experience the collective excitement. It’s a beautiful sight when we witness the camaraderie that grows within our walls. High fives. Clapping. Cheering. Every individual matters, every effort is celebrated—this inclusivity is just one of the many reasons CrossFit holds a special place in my heart.

We are finished with the Open for this year, but we have our sights already set on 2025. We know that in the coming year, as our athletes work on their skills, build strength and endurance, and continue to foster relationships, that next year’s Open will be even more exciting!

We would love to have you join us! Let’s set up an appointment to get you started. Click the Free Intro button on our website so we can talk with you about your fitness goals for the rest of 2023 and set up a plan to get you there.