Constant Variation: The Key to Breaking Boundaries

Do you ever feel bored about the workout you are doing? Does it feel like you keep doing the same movements over and over, yet you aren’t really seeing more strength or endurance?

When I was homeschooling our daughters, I spent many years using DVDs as my fitness coach. Yes, I know that dates me a bit. However, each morning, because it was convenient, I would get up and choose a workout on a DVD to do. I built up quite a library of them. I had some favorites, for sure, but I never felt like I was making a lot of progress. 

One thing I instantly loved about CrossFit was that I wasn’t just showing up to the gym and going through the motions. Every day, there was a brand new workout written on the board that combined movements in new ways. The cornerstone of CrossFit’s methodology lies in its commitment to constant variation. It’s a dynamic, ever-evolving journey that keeps athletes on their toes—quite literally. Because of it, beginning athletes get a great workout on the same day that advanced athletes also get a great workout.

Picture this: You walk into CrossFit Dwell, ready to tackle the day’s workout. But instead of the same old routine you’ve grown accustomed to, you’re met with a surprise—a meticulously crafted blend of movements you’ve never done before. Perhaps it’s a circuit of kettlebell swings, box jumps, and handstand push-ups, or maybe it’s a grueling AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) featuring rowing, burpees, and thrusters. Whatever the workout entails, one thing is certain: monotony is nowhere to be found.

By shunning routine and embracing variety, the programming at CrossFit Dwell ensures that participants never fall into the dreaded fitness plateau. You see, the body is a remarkable machine. It is capable of adapting to stressors with astonishing efficiency. But when it comes to fitness, adaptation can be a double-edged sword. What once challenged you may eventually become routine, leading to diminished returns and stagnant progress.

That’s where constant variation comes into play. By continually changing up the stimulus—whether it’s the movements, the rep schemes, the intensity, or the duration of the workout—our programming keeps the body guessing and the mind engaged. One day you might find yourself tackling a heavy lifting session focused on deadlifts or squats, while the next day might be all about gymnastics skills like pull-ups and handstands. This not only keeps things exciting, but it also ensures that every muscle group is targeted and every energy system is challenged.

But constant variation is more than just a clever programming strategy; it’s a philosophy—a mindset that extends beyond the walls of the gym. In a world where routine reigns supreme, CrossFit dares to be different. It encourages participants to embrace the unknown, to step outside their comfort zones, and to welcome the unexpected. Because it’s in those moments of discomfort and uncertainty that true growth occurs. 

We see so many examples of this among the athletes of CrossFit Dwell. We have athletes who have completed 5k, 10k, or much longer races. We have had athletes complete the Spartan Race and Deka Strong, among other things. One particularly memorable moment was when, Karen, one of our athletes, found herself in the ocean in a very dangerous and precarious moment. She recounted telling herself that she had been training for moments like this through her CrossFit workouts! Thankfully, she had built the strength, endurance, and mindset she needed to overcome this frightening predicament!

So the next time you find yourself dreading another mundane workout at home or at a gym, remember one of the core parts of CrossFit: constant variation. After all, it’s not just about breaking a sweat; it’s about breaking boundaries in strength, endurance, and mindset. And with constant variation in your wheelhouse, the growth is sure to come, and you will break boundaries you may not even know you had placed.

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