Beyond the Physical: 3 Lessons From My CrossFit Years

CrossFit is known for the physical benefits it helps participants to achieve. However, I have learned many lessons from my years of doing CrossFit. All of them extend beyond physical fitness. While I could probably write an entire book on what I have learned, I will share three here. 

  1. It Starts With A Decision! One of the things I had in the back of my mind when I first signed up was that if I skipped one workout, the next one would be easier to skip. One, leads to two, leads to three, and so on. Right from the beginning, I committed to showing up for class every weekday morning. And I did. I chose 9:30 AM to be my regular class time. But then I took on a job that threatened to disrupt that schedule. I had to make a decision. What time of day would work for me to actually get my workout in with this new work schedule? For me, it was the 5:30 AM class. That was a tough pill to swallow. I liked working out early, but 5:30 AM? Well, I knew myself too well to leave it until after work. So, 5:30 AM it would have to be. There was a huge blessing in the fact that the workout was all planned for me and the coach told me what to do. I participated in that class for years…and it is the class I coach each weekday morning now. Getting to the gym, or accomplishing any new thing in life, starts with a decision. The decision is one of the biggest parts of the battle in achieving fitness.
  2. Consistency is Key! It is consistent action that will lead to results.Whether it is learning a new skill, writing or reading a book, running a business, or achieving fitness, the task will not be accomplished by itself. As I mentioned, I decided I would get to a class 5 days each week. Because of that consistent work at the gym, I have been able to lift heavier, run further and faster, and build more stamina than I would have had I only attended a class every week or every other week. One workout at a time consistently done were the small steps to being stronger now at 54 than I was in my 30s. Isn’t it true that consistent action is key in getting the results we want in any area of life?
  3. Conquering Fear and Overcoming Limits is Important for Building Confidence!  Early on, I was very intimidated by CrossFit workouts. They were challenging. I was afraid of jumping on a box. I could only lift light weights. My endurance in running or rowing was limited. Overtime, as I achieved new personal records and overcame fears, I was rewarded with success! And that translated into being able to overcome other very difficult life situations in the years since. Those successes built confidence and they showed me I COULD do much more than my brain wanted me to believe.

Are you ready to achieve more from your workouts? More fitness, more confidence. Just more. We would be honored to be a part of your journey to many lessons that apply inside and outside of the gym..